Capture the Flag

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Capture the Flag is a classic playground game but can also be played anytime you need great kids party games.

This is a strategy game, which also includes a game of tag, so it works best for teens, tweens and older kids. (You can even find adults playing it!)

If you love this kids game, you can even build a party around it. Have a capture the flag party at park!

It could also be included in a army or military party.

This game isn't just for boys either, girls can have fun with it too!

Keep in mind that there can be variations to this game, but this is the basic, most played way. If you play kids party games like this one a different way, let me know, and I'll add the variations to this page!

Have fun!

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How to Play

You'll need a "flag" for each team. A bandana or other scarf works great, something about that size.

Divide into two teams of three or more people.

Set up a territory for each team and set where the borders are.

Each team should place their flag in their own territory.

Each team should split into attacker and defender groups. (they can switch jobs at any time as needed, but this helps establish what everyone's "job" is).

Attackers should try to sneak into the other team's territory, find and capture the enemy flag, and then race back to their own territory before being caught. The first team to do this wins the game.

Obviously the defenders are trying to defend the flag. You can capture players from the other team by tagging them when they are in your territory. Captured players must go to "jail". To get out of "jail", a teammate will need to sneak across and tag that person.

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