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These catching games all involve catching a ball or balloon in one form or another. All are fun kids party games!

These catching games are written so that all kids can participate at the same time.

Read them over, pick which games will work best for the age of your party guests, and play!

If possible, incorporate the colors or theme of your party into the games. For example, if your party is a pink and purple princess party, use pink and purple balloons or balls.

Select other children’s party games such as races, target games and more from our kids party game page.

Catching Games Fun

  • Annie Annie Over – You’ll need a sheet, rope, and a ball. Divide the players into two teams. Set up a sheet hung over a rope, and place one team on each side of the sheet. Neither team should be able to see the other one. Team A will yell “Annie Annie Over” and throw the ball over the sheet to the kids on the other side. If Team B catches the ball, Team B runs to the other side and tries to tag a member of Team A. (Members of Team A run around the sheet to the other side to be "safe"). If someone on Team A is tagged, they are now on Team B. If Team B doesn’t catch the ball, they pick it up, yell “Annie Annie Over” and toss the ball back over the sheet.

  • Balloon Game – This is great to play anytime, and something you can pull out again at the end of the party when you are waiting on the kids to get picked up. Prior to the party blow up lots and lots of balloons. You’ll want at least one for each kid plus a few extra (in case any pop before the game starts). I usually blow up about twice as many as I think I’ll need. On “Go” kids throw their balloon up into the air and try to keep it from hitting the ground and popping. If someone’s pops right away I have extra balloons so I can give one to them. Rather than declaring a winner, this is a fun game to just do for fun! When it has gone on long enough, just either gather the balloons back up (I use giant trash bags) or let them scatter around the edges of the party area.

  • Crazy Catch – You’ll need a ball for every two kids and a bunch of crazy stuff! Have kids divide into teams of 2 people. Have the teams play catch with the ball, but they can’t catch with their hands. Have them use nets, hats, etc. Whatever crazy receptacle you can find for catching makes these fun games!

    Add your favorite catching games and kids party games to our list!
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