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Games that involve a target, with the exception of the piñata, should be played with a small group of kids. If the line is too long to wait for a turn, you’ll lose some of the kids who will go off to do their own thing.

If you have a large group of kids and want to use some of these target games, try setting up “stations” with several of these games being played at one time. Kids can go from one to the other and always be occupied.

These are great games for using your party theme and colors to their fullest.

Select other children’s party games such as races and more from our kids party games page.

Here is our list of great target games:

  • Bean Bag Toss– You’ll need a target and bean bags to toss at it. A target can be anything that fits your theme. For a pirate party, the target could be a treasure chest, where you try to toss the bean bags inside the chest. Or, you may want to create something by drawing a target on a large piece of art board, cutting out the target space and then throwing the bean bag into the target space. For example, throw a bean bag through a tiger’s mouth (Feeding the Tiger) or throw a bean bag into a fish’s mouth (Feeding the Fish). Give each child three bean bags to throw. Don’t worry about keeping score – it is just fun to try!
  • Clothespin Drop– You’ll need three clothes pins and a target, such as a coffee can. If playing with older children, leave the plastic lid on the coffee can and cut a hole in it to make it harder.
  • Feathers - Give everyone a feather and see who can keep it in the air the longest without it hitting the ground.
  • Hula Hoop Target– Have kids throw a ball thru a hula hoop. After a child has a turn, let them hold the hula hoop for the next kid.
  • Paper Throw - Divide the playing area in half with line - you can even use masking tape on the floor or ground. Then divide the players into two teams, with each team on each side of the line. Give each team a large (but equal) pile of crumbled up newspaper. Set a timer for one minute, and on "go" have the teams try to throw as much paper on the other side of the line as they can. At the end of the minute, the team with the smallest amount of paper on their side is the winner. Then, time them to see if all the paper can get picked
  • broken pinata
    • Pinata– You’ll need a treat stuffed piñata with a rope (so you can hang it) and a stick. Before the party I always mark a line on the ground with masking tape or chalk and when it is piñata time I tell the kids who are waiting their turn to stand behind it. Hang the piñata and let kids take three hits each at it. I let the birthday child go first and again last. At that point if it isn’t broken I let a grown-up finish it off. Always reserve back some candy in case some of the kids don’t get enough, especially if you have a wide age range at your party. Have plenty of supervision so no children get hit by the stick, and provide the kids with treat bags for their loot! Option: Blindfold the kids while they hit.
  • Pin the “Blank” on the “Blank”Pin the Tail on the Donkey is a target game that can be adapted for any game. Draw a picture of something related to your theme on a large sheet of poster board and hang it. Make whatever needs to be “pinned” and used double-stick tape on the back. Blindfold each kid when it is their turn, spin them around three times, and then point them in the right direction. Some examples: Pin the Patch on the Pirate, Pin the Wheel on the Car, Pin the Crown on the Princess…

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