Drop the Keys

by Tawny

This Drop the Keys game is a great ice-breaker game.

Get chairs. (You should have one less chair then the amount of people you have. Ex: if you have 10 people you should have 9 chairs.) Put the chairs in a circle.

Have one person stand in the middle of the circle with a set of keys in one hand (or something that will make noise when it hits the ground).

The person in the middle of the circle will call someone up and that person will grab the other persons hand and try to get in a knot, then they call someone up and so on.

The person with the keys can drop the keys whenever they want to. When the person drops the keys everyone has to try and find a seat, the person left standing stays in the middle and holds the keys and you continue to do the same thing. (You can end the game whenever you want to.)

Some ideas to get into a knot is things like: going under peoples legs, going on the other side of everyone, etc.

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