Psychiatrist Game

by Flea333
(Wanganui, New Zealand)

This psychiatrist game is great for groups.

Players must all sit in a circle and choose a person to be the 'Psychiatrist'. The Psychiatrist leaves the room.

The players then choose something to have a phobia of (i.e. the floor, the roof, the person beside them, etc. even the Psychiatrist! - it doesn't have to be something in the room).

When everybody is agreed on a phobia, they call the Psychiatrist back and act out the phobia.

The Psychiatrist may ask questions, but the players can only answer, "Yes," or, "No."

The Psychiatrist has three guesses. If the Psychiatrist uses his/her three guesses, then he/she loses and the players tell him/her what the phobia was.

If the Psychiatrist guesses correctly, then he/she wins.

Another Psychiatrist is chosen and the game is repeated.

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