Four Corners

by Logan
(Toledo, Oh)

This game is for 20-30 players and should be played in a room with four corners. The first thing you have to do is number the corners 1-4. If you want,you can put numbers above the corners. Or just tell players where each corner is. Now, one person volunteers or is chosen to be it. That person sits in a chair and is blindfolded. Make sure he/she can't see anything. Now, everyone else has 30 seconds to quietly go to a corner. If anyone talks during the 30 seconds, they are automatically out. Now, it calls out a corner number and the ones in that corner are out. Now,the whole thing starts again. When there are 8 kids left, say there can only be two in a corner, and when there's four left,only one in a corner. This is so there's always one winner. If "it" calls a corner where no one is standing, she either calls another corner or everyone switches corners again. The last person left gets to be the next person in the middle. You can play as many times as you want depending on the time.

P.S; Tell the middle child to listen to the loudest and quietest corner. With her eyes blindfolded, she should be able to hear really well. She can also call the same corner twice in a row, but tell players to make use of all four corners so that there's always at least one person eliminated.

Lisa says:
Love this! Thanks so much for the giving such great directions.

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