Group Card Game

by Boom Shocka Loacka

This card game for groups is sort of like musical chairs, except you use cards instead of chairs.

Play with 4+ people.
You get a deck of cards.
Scatter them all over the playing area.
You pull out three cards (or if you have 5 people you pull out 4 cards and if you have 7 people you pull out 6 cards.)
You show everyone the cards and what their suits are.
You have to remember them!
Then you mix the pile around.
Whoever finds each card gets a point.
You can only use one hand.
Whoever doesn't find a card is out.
Keep playing until you until you are down to one person.

If you have a lot of people, you may need extra decks of cards. Spread out the cards so everyone can get to them.

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