Guess the Motions

by Megan

In this game you team up with a partner and then do motions with your body. Your partner has to guess what you are trying to do.

Lisa says:

Megan, thanks so much for the idea. This sounds like it could be a version of the party game called charades, but for partners or two people.

I like your version, because you can team up - maybe switch partners periodically too. If you set up a timer, you could control when people switch to a new partner, sort of like how you switch teams or partners a lot when you play bunco.

If you did this game at the beginning of a party, you could also use it as a sort of "ice breaker", because players would get to spend a bit of one-on-one time with another guest.

I think it would be fun to team up people who don't know each other very well...that way it will be harder to guess what motions they might be doing or what they have come up with.

Click here for team Charades party game instructions.

Thanks Megan!

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