Easy Party Game

by Kali

This easy party game is almost like a treasure/scavenger hunt. Have you ever done of those puzzles where you look at a picture and try to figure out what is wrong? That is the idea behind this party game.

You will need teams of 3-4 people. You will have random things laying around (they can't have anything to do with the party) but in plain sight. You won't even tell them the rules, all you tell them is that they are looking for strange things. You will give each team a pad of paper and a pencil. They will have no clues and no help - just the instructions to look for strange things and realize what's around them.

The host (you) will be the "banker", all of the teams will have 2 minutes to find as many things as they can. When their time is up you say stop. All of the teams will come to you. You yourself will have a list of all the things you hid. If, for example, you hide a toothbrush and one team's list said "toothbrush", then they get two points. Once a team has gotten points for one item another team can't get those points. So it also is a race to getting to the banker first, and you can tell then that, at the end of the game when you say stop they have to race to the "banker".

If they want to play again, then have someone else be the banker and have them hide a new set of things but in different places and start all over!

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