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Often organizations are looking for a fun way to raise money and a fundraising party is a great way to do this, because a great event is one that your own members want to attend, as well as lots of guests.

Fundraiser parties can range from a simple and easy party idea, to as elaborate as you want to go!

A fun way to raise money is by having a party where people sign up to go, and pay a flat fee. The host provides the food, beverages, entertainment, etc. at their own expense. So the fee that the guests pay goes to the charity. Our school has done this for many years.

"Sign up parties" that we have done have included a Mom's Night Out, Dad's Night Out, Cocktail Party with a Local Celebrity, Tennis and Brunch, Home Tour and Brunch, Pizza Night, Wine Dinner and a Game Night.

Along these lines, a leading department store recently sponsored a program aimed at getting monetary donations for food banks. They matched contributions gathered by "hosts" - individuals who held dinner parties for friends. The friends gave a donation to the host for their dinner.

You may want to consider purchase proven products to sell at your party to earn even more money.

You can also find ways to include fundraising as part of an event that you already have scheduled. One visitor reported that they had a profitable soccer game in a gym. They divided everyone into two teams and instead of using soccer balls they threw out lots of coins on the floor. Then have everyone try to kick money into one goal or another. The team that has gathered the most money in a goal wins the money. People cheering for the team can keep throwing out more coins on the court to add to the pot!

At another fundraising party which was held to raise funds to send a church youth group to camp, a pancake supper was served while the youth put on a talent show.

Other party ideas include combining a theme with a party. For example, March 26th is Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness. This is a great reason to have a Purple Party. Collect change at the party and donate it to the Epilepsy Foundation.

Bunco Tournaments make for a fun night out for a good cause.

So, the bottom line, if you have a great event, people will want to come, and if they know it is for a good cause and they are getting a good value, they'll be willing to pay for admission to your fundraiser party.

More Fundraising Party Ideas

A lot of great ideas, with explanations and helpful hints are on our page of Charity Party Ideas. Here are an additional few links to some other easy, yet fun and profitable party ideas that can be used for fundraising:

Fundraising Party Ideas for the whole family:

  • Dessert Party
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  • Tea Party

    Fundraisers for adults only:

  • Auctions (Live or Silent)
  • Bunco Tournament
  • Murder Mystery Party
  • Beer Tasting
  • Vodka Tasting
  • Wine Tasting
  • Any parties on our Adult Party Ideas Page - just charge admission!

    Tell us about your fundraising party!

    Fundraising Party Ideas

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