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If you are looking for a way to do good for others, you might be looking for some charity party ideas.

Here are some favorite ideas we have used for a party that can be helping others:

Charity Pajama Party - Wear your PJ's to a slumber party and bring a pair to donate to charity.

Craft Party - Make cat toys to donate to an animal shelter. Place a pinch of dried catnip in the toe of a baby sock. Fill with fiberfill stuffing, add more catnip and then tie the sock closed with a bit of harn. You can decorate with a face with a permanent marker. If you want to turn the toy into a "mouse", add ears and a nose made out of felt - attached with non-toxic glue.

Dog Party - As part of a dog party you can collect items for an animal shelter.

Back to School Party - Collect school supply items. Have everyone who attends the party bring school supplies.

Donations in lieu of gifts - Ask guests to give a donation of money or items to your favorite charity in lieu of a gift.

Book Drive - Collect books for a library, school or children's hospital. Have everyone who attends bring one or more of their favorite books. Depending on where you are donating the books, let guests know if they books can be gently used or if they should be new.

Bunco! - Hold a Bunco Tournament with prize money collected going to charity.

Fundraising Party - Select any of the ideas from our Fundraising Party list.

For the Girls - It is easy to share what you have with other women. Consider asking guests to bring a coat, sweaters, or business attire to donate to a women's shelter or service center. Old formals can be collected to donate for teens to have a dress to wear to their prom.

Toy Drive - Collect toys for your favorite children's charity by asking each guest to bring a toy. Find out in advance if the toys should be wrapped or unwrapped.

More? -Add your charity party ideas to the list!

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