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How about holding a bunco tournament for this fun dice game? A bunco fundraising event can be easy to plan, and a lot of fun for those attending.

Charities and Groups are always looking for a great fundraising opportunity.

Kudos for Bunco Fundraiser Info at Easy Party Ideas and Games

One club did a bunco fundraising event for a local hospital.

They did it in a community hall and for decorations put up some balloons around the outer edges of the room. They set up tables for all the players, and then set tables with dice and score sheets (no centerpieces necessary with a bunco theme!).

Everyone paid $25 to play.

They had prizes - for all the usual categories plus some door prizes - they were all donated by local merchants and businesses. The officers of the club each brought some refreshments. The cost was minimal so they made out really well. 

More examples of a Bunco Tournament

One group did a 50/50 bunco game fundraiser by charging $25.00 per person to play (or $80 per table of 4). The admission ticket included one free raffle ticket and one drink ticket. It began at 1:00 and the first hour was for appetizers and drinks. Then at 2:00 the bunco game began. The big prize for the most bunco wins was 50% of the admissions.

Another group also charged $25 to play, and had pizza, appetizers and salad, along with a silent auction. All the food and auction prizes were donated so the $25 was pure profit for the group.

Helpful Hints for your Tournament

Bunco Tournament FAQ

If you don't have a place to have it - you can have it in a home (if it is large enough), backyard (if it is nice weather) or you may have to rent something if you can get a whole lot of people to come.

A bunko fundraiser doesn't have to be held on a large scale. If you are planning on trying to earn money towards a fundraising goal, such as with a walkathon or bike race, you can have a "roll for the cure" fundraiser (or whatever fun name that relates to your charity) with 12 friends who each make a donation to play.

Consider adding some additional ways to earn money to your bunco tournament. You can ask restaurants and businesses to donate services and gift certificates, ask members of the group putting on the tournament to provide services (a homemade cake, babysitting, a ride to the airport), and then offer these items in a silent auction. You can even get folks to bring things lying around their house that they don't need. If you can collect enough theme items you can create a great basket and sell it in a silent auction or sell raffle tickets.

If the charity that you are playing for could use actual, physical items, you can build donations into a ticket price. For example, a fundraiser for a children's library might be: Tickets are $25, or $10 with donation of three children's books. 

Double-check to see if any permits are needed to hold a fundraising event of this nature in your community.

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