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I was recently invited to a Golden Girls party at the home of a friend. What is this, you may ask?

Well, it doesn't have anything to do with the TV show! Instead, it has to do with GOLD!

At the time I had not heard of it.

So I thought I would share the scoop with you in case you ever get invited to a party that follows this concept.

What is a Golden Girls Party?

My Golden Girls Party

In this particular case, there was a company that paid you for your old and unused gold jewelry.

My friend said she would have a certified gold specialist at the party to tell us what gold was real and safely remove any stones from the jewelry if needed.

She even said we didn't need to worry about knowing what was real and what was not - that was what the specialist was for! So everyone was instructed to bring jewelry with any gold on it, including earring posts and settings. The specialist would like it over, and make an offer to you to purchase it from you.

One really neat thing is that the company paid a percentage that night to the charity that my friend specified. I thought that was awesome. My friend chose a charity that helps care for African refugees in our area.

So this was a "home party" that was actually a fundraising party or charity party, but you didn't have to buy anything (no home party sales.) As a matter of fact, you might leave with money! (and a lighter load of things to take back home with you.) The best part was that you didn't have to take the price they offer for your gold either. In some cases, pieces were just appraised and that was all the owner of the piece wanted.

My friend set up the party as a "come and go" affair, and set out yummy snacks and easy appetizers. It turned out to be a fun evening to catch up with friends and neighbors, and make a few new friends too!

I don't think a party like this particularly needs any decorations, but a cluster of gold balloons on your front porch (marking your home) might be a nice touch, and you can always include gold items in your refreshment serving pieces and centerpieces.

Do you have any interesting party that you've been to? If so, tell us about it!

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