My Hotel Slumber Party

by Indi

This is what we did at my slumber party at a hotel. It is lots of fun. Well my theme is hot pink, black and white ALL MY FAVORITE COLORS.

Well I think there should not be scary stories or at least NOT TOO SCARY! Because last time my friend told this super scary story at my sleepover and one of my friends left sooo don't do that, you can watch scary MOVIES if you think you and your friends can handle it.

I think pizza and some sundaes would be AWESOME and play truth or dare thats ALWAYS fun at sleepovers :P.

Also i think facials are cool but make sure its the kind that does not break out faces cuz some ppl may have really bad acne issues so don't want any more zits.

ALSO, go swimming!! Play like dancing games around the pool, swimming contests and go in the hot tub and relax and talk about girl stuff with your buddys, and thats all I pretty much got.

HAVE FUN, WHOEVER IS GONNA HAVE A SLEEP OVER AT A HOTEL HOPE THIS ADVICE HELPED :D. ( ps: also order room service, of course if its ok with your parents, lol )

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