The Hide-Away!

Ok moms, here is one for the younger kids! This one works for all numbers of kids too! Hide a little poem or clue of where the NEXT clue will be, and at the very end, hide stuffed animals/LOTS of treasure/any other bits of treasure you find necassary. This will be a fun thing to do for the kids, and requires some thought. Here are a few example poems:

Silverware Drawer; Yummy yummy, in my tummy, what about the works? What helps you eat? What helps you eat? Get up and out, out of your seat!

Under the bed; What is under, under slumber, under sleep and dreams? Well sometimes it seems, the night below our...

Closet; Warm and cool, glasses and shirts, places to put, ashes to soot!

Hope this helps!

Lisa says:

Thanks so much for including the poems. Having sample wording for treasure hunt clues is so helpful, and I know our visitors will love reading what you came up with. Sounds like a very fun game!

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