Sleepover Games

by Ella

If you wanna have a sleepover here are some sleepover games for ya:

1)taste the rainbow....have a bowl filled with skittles(or any small candy)your guests have a straw and try and get as many skittles as they can in their bowl who ever gets 15 or more wins(give them a prize if u can)

2)Eat a cream pie without hands...well as you might of guessed just eat an ice cream pie without your hands. But there is a twist. Before the game blindfold yourself (including your guests) and you put a random thing from the table onto your cream pie (also before that put some random toppings on the table) then eat it. Whoever guesses whats on their cream pie wins

3)Chocolate twister....chocolate twister is a game based on twister but with a twist when the person is in an awkward enough position place a piece of chocolate on a circle on the game board the person has to try and eat the chocolate without going out of place

4)Scavenger hunt...get a list of things to find around the house and find them (its fun to play in the dark outside)

5)Crazy food spin the bottle....get some weird eatable stuff like tooth paste, popcorn, marshmallows. Put them on a plate in a circle and spin the bottle and whatever its facing you have got to eat

6)Sleepover ball game...get a beach ball and write some questions on it and throw it to someone. The person who catches it has to answer the question closest to their right thumb

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by: Lisa

Wow! Thanks for all these great ideas Ella! It sounds like a really fun party!

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