Candy Bulldozed Challange

by Gracey M.
(Canada Saint John NB)

OK so its the same as the Bean Bulldozed challenge but with candy. You buy some candy from a candy store or somewhere were its a candy shop. You need 5 categories! 5 sour, 5 Chocolate, 5 candy canes (cut pieces of the candy canes small),5 jelly beans, and 5 random bad candies(pick any kind of candy for each one! What you do is you get vanilla ice cream. Have one bowl per person. In each bowl, take one scoop of ice cream and put it in the bowl, next put 5 cups with no labels and put each of the 5 candy's in the dish. Then write all of the candies you picked on slips of paper and put it in a hat or something to grab one. When the guest arrive and it is time to play, you take turns pulling a slip out of the hat. The goal is to get as many good ones as possible to put in the ice cream! Someone will get the bad candies! When the candies or papers are gone take your ice cream and eat it and see the losers face reactions!
If you want record the loser! I love this game please try and reply plus share!

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