Guess Who

by Catherine

This is a fun game that can also be used as an icebreaker. You want to have about 7-10 people to play but if you have more or less it should work.

First- give each player a slip of paper and have then write down the craziest thing they have ever done... but don't say anything!

Second- collect all the papers in a bowl and have one person, the birthday girl, mix them up and pick out them one by one and read them out loud. After you read each paper have all the girls guess who they think did it and then have the person who actually wrote it confess!

Third - keep doing all of them until each girl has theirs read. If you want you could keep track of how many times each person gets a guess correct and the one who guessed the most correct at the end wins a prize!

I hope I helped, have a great party! (:

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