Things to do at Sleepovers

by Sleepovergirl

One slumber party game I play every year is called sleeping bag attack. You first set up some obstacles (chairs, pillows, etc.) and try to hop aroung everything. Divide the party into 2 teams. First team all around wins!!!

There is also light as a feather, stiff as a board. A classic!!! Or play concentrate. You'll need a scary story for this one!!! Tell scary stories. A pretty common one.

Don't forget food. Guests WILL get hungry before or after dinner so be prepared. Also, if a guest feels sick, get mom and dad. They will know what to do. If a guest gets homesick, offer to let them call their parents. Tell them it's OK if they need to go home, and if they do go home, thank them for coming to your party. If a guest dosen't do anything as you had planned, tell them it's OK if they sit out, but you feel they will miss out on all the fun.

Presents. They come. They go. If a guest forgets or dosen't bring a present, say that's OK. Depending on age, the guest may cry, so just say it's OK. Don't worry about it. If guest brings a gift you already have, or you don't like, just say- you guessed it- Thank you!!! If a guest and and another guest bring the same gift, say something like, two's company!!!

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