Figure It Out

by Alyssa
(Orange Park, Florida USA)

First we went in the pool. The party started at 2:00 so that everyone already had lunch. So after that we played "Figure it out." It is a tv show but I made it into a game.

What you do is you pick 4 or more people (how ever many you really want - I picked 4) so then you pick a judge and a person who has a talent (the talent can be anything, something that is a really cool talent or something goofy.) Everyone else is on the "panel."

If you have a dry erase board then make the "it board." An "it board" is where the secret of the person that has the talent is written. The person with the talent won't tell anyone their secret, just the judge. The other people that don't know your secret are called the panel.

After doing their talent, the panel tries to ask the talent person yes or no questions to guess their secret. They go through 3 rounds and if the panel does not guess the secret, the talent person will win prizes at every end of the round.

There can also be a secret slime action. If you don't have slime just go outside and play there and use water.

If the panel guesses the secret, the talent person gets the water or slime all over them.

Then you keep switching the judge, panel and talent person. It is ok to give the panel clues.

We also played many other games that I wont mention. Thanks. Plz play this game.

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