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Halloween scavenger hunt

A Halloween Scavenger Hunt is a great way to celebrate the Halloween spirit with your friends. It is a great idea for older kids and teenagers (or adults!) who still want to dress up and get in on some fun, but aren't necessary interested in going trick or treating. 

If you have a large enough group, divide into teams to collect evidence of gathering all the items. Meet back up at a designated time to tell of your adventures.

If you have a small group, go all together as one team. It will be fun!

This list of items is for a photographic hunt, and each team should take pictures to prove that they have completed each task.

If playing with multiple teams, give the list of items to each team in a different order so that not everyone is doing the same items at the same time.

Scavenger Hunt List

Some ideas for your Halloween themed Scavenger Hunt are to take a team photo with a...

  • Orange Car
  • Black Car
  • Scarecrow
  • Hay Bale
  • Pumpkin
  • Black Cat
  • Spider Web
  • Person dressed as a ghost
  • Person dressed as a monster
  • Person dressed as a superhero
  • Person dressed as a zombie
  • Person dressed as a vampire or with fangs
  • Halloween theme CD
  • Halloween theme DVD
  • Marquee for a Movie Theater listing a scary movie
  • Movie poster for a scary movie
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    Murder Hunt
    By: Anna, U.S.A.
    Just like scavenger hunt at one location but for Halloween. The host should dress up as a killer and cover their eyes ans count to 100 or so. The players should hide until the killer's done counting, then the killer should go look for them while they're trying to find the things on the list. To make it creepy, since it's for a Halloween party, the lights should be off and there should be some music in the background. The killer gets a flashlight, and there can be some candles around the house.

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