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For a fun 10th birthday party, my friend Melissa organized a mall scavenger hunt for her daughter.

She called it "Mall Madness." 

She divided everyone up into teams, and each team had an adult or teenager as a chaperone. Each team was also given an amount of money that should cover any items they needed to purchase. They searched for items on a list and met up at a certain time for cake and to see who had done what.

If you do a scavenger hunt at the mall, you'll want to adapt these clues to things that are in your own mall.

Mall Scavenger Hunt List

To make it a little easier, I've included her list here for you as a guide. Take this list of ideas, and then walk thru your own mall to see which of these you can use and which you can adapt for your own scavenger hunt at the mall.

  • helium filled balloon
  • giant gumball
  • picture of your group with the mall mascot
  • Q-Tip
  • Pair of chopsticks
  • Picture of your group wearing white sunglasses
  • Sample Spoon and a cup of ice cream sprinkles
  • Get dusted with "fairy dust" (there was a little girl dress up store at the mall)
  • Shoe box lid
  • Picture of your group with the Jonas Brothers (there was a cardboard cutout of the Jonas Brothers in one of the stores)
  • Signature of a salesman from a department store
  • Smoothie of the week at the smoothie store: _________________
  • Red heart (from a Build A Bear store)
  • Picture of your group with a robot (there was a Sharper Image store at this mall)
  • Perfume sample that starts with a vowel
  • Cup with blue writing and a straw with red stripes
  • Picture of your group with a famous athlete (a poster in one of the store)
  • Box that will fit inside your bag

  • Mall Scavenger Hunt Tips

    I think it is important to have a chaperone with the kids. Otherwise, I've seen groups of kids who go a bit crazy and store managers will chase them out of their stores! For teen scavenger hunts who will be going on their own, just remind everyone to be respectful at whatever business they visit and try not be disruptive.

    More hunts are available on our scavenger hunt page, or to purchase already planned hunts, visit SimpliFun Studios.

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