Nature Hunt

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A nature hunt is always fun. would more appropriately be called a Nature Scavenger Hunt.

This would be great to do as part of a green party idea!

Here are some great and easy ideas that you could use to incorporate a little nature into your fun:

Nature Scavenger Hunt

See how many of these things you can find...

  • stones
  • acorns
  • nuts
  • pinecone
  • pine needles
  • colorful leaf
  • bark
  • seedpod
  • flowers
  • worms, bugs, snails
  • interesting twig
  • reeds
  • 4 leaf clovers
  • Add to this list...

  • Hiking Scavenger Hunt

  • If you are camping, take the opportunity to do a Hiking Scavenger Hunt.Make a list of what you find on your hike that is the...
  • largest thing
  • smallest thing
  • something yellow
  • coolest place
  • hottest place
  • oldest thing
  • newest thing
  • prettiest thing
  • seed
  • berry
  • something round
  • something hard
  • something soft

  • Alphabet Nature Hike

    Another great idea is to go on an alphabet themed hike. While you trek, look for something starting with a letter a, then something with the letter b, etc.

    Nightime Nature Scavenger Hunt

    Go for a walk or hike at night for your scavenger hunt. Use reflector tape and flashlights.

    Night Hunts might include looking at a star chart or thru a telescope to find constellations and planets.

    You can also hear about stars and constellations or create a creature station to see which insects are attracted to a light.

    Helpful Hints:

  • Here is the disclaimer to keep you safe out in the woods (and keep the woods safe from you!)
  • Be careful of snakes, poison ivy, ants and stinging insets
  • Try to disturb your environment as little as possible
  • If you do collect items, make things out of the stuff you've foundOther fun things to do at a nature party are to play Lotto with nature pictures or animals, or to play an animal version of "Who Am I?"
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