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When planning a Halloween party with costumes you'll want to include costume awards!

You can announce on the party invitation that you'll be giving out awards, and that may inspire people to "up the ante" on their Halloween costume planning.

There are many popular ideas for awards, and all can work well for your Halloween party.

One idea is to give out trophies for different costume categories.

Halloween Costume Trophies

These are a few examples of a Halloween costume trophy.

Other ideas for costume party awards are to give out ghoulish treats.

How about something that you might find on the Halloween candy aisle at the party store, Target or Walmart?

You can also give out cash prizes.

Really, anything Halloween related would do.

Picking the Winners of a Halloween Costume Parties Contest

There are several options for picking a winner of a costume contest at a Halloween party.

You can pick the winner yourself, or...

You make it even more fun by letting guests vote.

If guests will be voting for the best Halloween costumes, have a box set up with pieces of paper and pencils so they can make a secret vote during the party.

Halloween Costume Award Categories

Some ideas for costume awards are:

  • Most Original Halloween Costume
  • Scariest Halloween Costume
  • Funniest Halloween Costume
  • Best Duo or Group Halloween Costume
  • There are many more, such as best homemade costume, but these listed are the basic ones that you might find included at any Halloween party. Remember to let your guests know that prizes will be awarded, and this will encourage great participation!

    Be sure to have a few extra prizes on hand in case of a tie or for a "special" prize, awarded when a costume just has to have some extra recognition.

    Halloween Costume Ideas

    Need some inspiration yourself?

    Here are some of my favorite fun Halloween costume party pictures that I have collected over the years. 

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