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I'm often asked how to make a pinata, especially after one of my own parties because I usually make my own.

Why would you want to make your own pinata?

Because it is really very easy, a "creative opportunity :-)" and can be fun for the kids to help with.

You'll want to start in advance because you'll need to allow some drying time between steps.

The easiest to way to make a pinata is with a balloon. You can also use lightweight paper cardboard, but I usually try to use a balloon (either round or long) if I can.

In the example of how to make a pinata below, we are making a hot air balloon pinata.

How to Make a Pinata

Instructions on How to Make a Pinata

Make a Pinata

How to Make a Pinata Step #1

Start with a balloon.

You'll also need strips of newspaper and white flour.

How to Make a Pinata

How to Make a Pinata Step #2

Mix the flour with water in a disposable cup until it is spreadable. You don't want it too thick to spread, but you also don't want it to be runny. I apply the glue to the newspaper with a cheap paintbrush and then lay it on the balloon. Continue doing this until the balloon is covered.

It will take a day or two for this to dry. Once dry, if I can, I repeat the proceedure. If you don't, the pinata will break VERY quickly. So do a second coat so it will be a little more challenging.

Now the balloon is covered, the glue is are ready for step 3 of how to make a pinata...decorating!

How to Decorate a Pinata

It is easy to decorate a pinata.

Before you decorate, you'll want to attach a string to the top so you can hang it. I usually really tape this into place and reinforce it well. Once you fill the pinata, it will be very heavy and you don't want it to come apart!

I use fringed crepe paper streamers. I don't buy it fringed. I pull the paper off the roll, loop it around several times so I can do a bunch at once, and then "fringe" it by cutting 1/3 up of the way up thru it for the length of it.

Then I attach it with regular white school glue.

After it is decorated I slice an opening into a spot (do it between the layers of decoration so it will be hidden) and put in my pinata candy or other treats. It is usually so heavy, I wait to hang it until we are ready to bust it open.

Here is the hot air balloon pinata after I have decorated it with the crepe paper streamers.

I added a balloon basket at the bottom - just a disposable drink cup (covered in more crepe paper streamers) suspended from the bottom of the balloon by colorful yarn or string!

Hot Air Balloon Pinata

Pinata Stick

Now you know the answer to the question, "how do you make a pinata?"!!

Below you'll see a pinata picture that includes our pinata stick. I wanted to include it because once you know how to make your own pinata you'll want to have a stick to match!

Once upon a time I bought a stick at the party store for hitting a pinata. At the end of the pinata, not only was the pinata broken into pieces, but all the decorating was off of the pinata stick.

I saved that stick, and now decorate in the colors of the party each time I use it.

For the hot air balloon, which was being used at a Wizard of Oz Party, we used rainbow colors for everything.

I used the same fringed crepe paper from the pinata, but this time applied the decoration with masking tape at the end of each streamer as I wrapped it around.

Pinata Stick

After you've mastered how to make a pinata, you are ready to play! How to play the pinata party game.

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