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A recent western party theme that I was lucky enough to attend had a lot of fun kid party ideas that I would love to share with you. (My life is wonderful, because I get to go to lots and lots of great parties!)

This party took place at a "ranch" facility which had a petting zoo of farm animals and birthday pony rides available.

The children could pet away and ride ponies to their heart's content. For many, that was enough of a kids birthday party right there!

A bouncy house was also set up, and there was lots of kids party food to munch on.

For those that didn't want to bounce, pet or ride (or perhaps they wanted a break!) there were also crafts available which included painting horseshoes. The kids loved this each one wanted to actually paint several horseshoes with brightly colored paint. There were also pony coloring sheets were available so there was something that appealed to everyone.

Old time country music and cowboy tunes played over the speakers and everyone had a great time!

Western Theme Party Ideas and Games

"Do It Yourself" Western Party Theme ideas

If you don't have all these great things available and you are planning your party at home or at a park, you can play horse games and cowboy themed games.

Some of my favorite kids party games for this theme include:

  • Hot Horse (Hot Potato): While music is playing, pass around a toy stuffed animal horse. Whoever is caught with the horse when the music stops gets to work the music player for the next round!

  • Hidden Horseshoe Hunt: While the children are distracted, have a helper hide horseshoes around the party area. When time for the hunt, have the children each bring you one horseshoe. Hide a few extra...just in case!

  • Red Light, Green Light: Play Red Light, Green Light, but ride your stick horses while you play the game!
  • Target Games: Divide into groups and let everyone have a turn to see who can drop the most rubber snakes into a cowboy boot or play a Pin the Badge on the Sheriff Party Game.

  • Cake ideas could include a cowboy cake! Other popular ideas would be a horse cake, or a western scene with cowboy figurines. Visit my page of fun cake designs. You'll be sure to find the perfect kids birthday cake ideas.

  • Cowboy Party Favor "Must-Haves!"

  • Sherrif Badges
  • Bandanas
  • Cowboy Hats

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