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A horse cake - maybe better described as a "cake with horses" - works for so many party themes, young and old, male and female.

Below are a few examples that are easy for DIY and fun too.

Cake with Horse Figurines

Horse Cake Images

~Cake shared by my friend Shannon

The easiest option is probably to create a sheet or round cake - whatever is easiest to serve at your party, and create a scene with icing and place the figurines on top.

You can purchase a cake decorating kit like the one shown in the image below, or you can simply put on your own figurines. Maybe something out of the toy box? If this is a cake for a child, let them help place the figurines (or at least help you decide where to put them.) I do this with my kids and they love helping design their cake this way!

If serving a cake like this with figures at a kid party, plan to have a bunch of little horses on hand. Every child there will be sure to want one (these would make great party favors!)

When to use a Horse Cake

A cake with horses would be perfect for these parties...

  • Horse Lover's Party 
  • Cowboy Party
  • Adult Western Party or Teen Western Party
  • Ranch Party
  • Farm Party
  • Barn Dance
  • Black Beauty Party
  • Felicity (American Girl) Party
  • Any "Old Fashioned" Theme (Carousel Horses)
  • Circus Party
  • Texas (or other Western state) Party
  • My Little Pony Party
  • Basically any theme or location involving a horse or horses would work with this cake!

  • Easy Cakes with 3D Cake Pans

    Sometimes a 3D Cake is exactly what you want! This cool Wilton Party Pony Pan (Amazon Affiliate Link) is a popular option.

    If using a 3D Cake Pan, you'll want to do the following steps to have the greatest success!

    1. Plan to make your cake the day before so it has time to cool, and you also have time to fix any mistakes and be unhurried.
    2. Pound cake is the best cake to use, or a mixture of pound cake plus another batter. You need a smooth batter, so don't mix anything in (candy, nuts, etc.)
    3. Grease and flour every bit of the pan that will be touching the cake batter. It is better to use solid vegetable shortening instead of a spray because with the flour you will see if you missed any spots.
    4. Preheat oven and prepare cake batter.
    5. Place 3D Cake Pan on cookie sheet and pour batter into the pan. Fill to the top.
    6. Bake according to the instructions that come with your pan.
    7. When done, remove from oven and place upside down to cool (5-10 minutes). When cooled, gently remove pan(s.)
    8. Put some icing on the cake plate (to help hold the cake in place) and place the cake on the plate.

    Horse Related Cake Supplies

    These affiliate links from Amazon provide some opportunities to shop for a horse shaped cake pan, horse cake toppers, and other horse related cake items.

    My Little Pony Party Cakes

    My Little Pony is HUGE! And it should be - cute ponies make a cute cake. This pony cake was used for my friend Lisa when her daughter had a My Little Pony Party! The party was a huge success, and everyone loved the cake.

    The cake image below uses an edible image, but you could also use toy figurines to make a special cake.

    My Little Pony Cake

    ~Shared by Lisa M.

    Other Western Cake options

    If your theme isn't just horses, but western, consider these alternatives to a horse cake:

    Cowgirl Cake

    Cowboy Boot Cake

    Guitar Cake

    Cake shaped like a horsehoe (you can use cupcakes to create this!)

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