Horse Party

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A Horse Party is a theme that is often requested for a kid birthday party.

Children, both boys and girls, love horses and ponies!

These kid party ideas can also be used for a party that involves farm animals, a ranch theme, a western cowboy (or cowgirl) party.

These childrens birthday party ideas also work for a party centered around a fictional horse, such as Black Beauty or Fury.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Horse Theme Party Invitations:

  • Write the invitation details on a piece of paper, cut in the shape of a horse shoe.
  • Write out the invitation and mail in a tube with a small toy horse.
  • Take a photo of the birthday child riding a horse. Make the photo into a card, and include party information.

  • Western Party Decorations:

  • Anything old west or farm related!
  • Checked table cloths
  • Hay bales

  • Arrival Activities:

  • Horse coloring sheets
  • Paint horseshoes
  • Decorate cowboy hats with stickers
  • Make stick horses (before the party, cut out the shape of a horse's head from brown grocery sacks. You could also use brown or white kraft/butcher paper. Staple, tape or glue around the edges, and insert a yard stick in the neck area. Glue on some hair for a mane, and let the kids draw on their own eyes and color if they wish.)
  • Have horse ears (before the party, hot glue horse ear shapes made of craft foam with a tuft of yarn hair in the center to a head band)
  • Have horse tails for the children to wear (gather a group of yarn strings together and fasten to the back of the children with masking tape
  • If your budget allows and this is a pony party, hire pony rides!

  • Horse Party Games:

    NOTE: Some of these games involve stick horses. If you choose to not make stick horses as a party activity (or make them ahead of the party), you can sometimes find stick horses at the $1 store.

  • Play pin the tail on the horse (if you have a large number of children, use this as an arrival activity)

  • Play horseshoes (if you have a large number of children, use this as an arrival activity)

  • Hot Horse (Hot Potato): While music is playing, pass around a toy horse. Whoever is caught with the horse when the music stops gets to work the music player for the next round!

  • Hidden Horseshoe Hunt:While the children are distracted, have a helper hide horseshoes around the party area. When time for the hunt, have the children each bring you one horseshoe. Hide a few extra...just in case!

  • Barrel Racing:Set up a barrel race or any race or relay that you choose, using a stick horse.

  • Red Light, Green Light: Play Red Light, Green Light, but ride your stick horses while you play the game!

  • Pony Says: Basically Simon Says, but played as "Pony" says!

  • Follow the Leader:Play Follow the Leader on your stick horses!

  • Pinata! If you don't feel comfortable hitting a horse pinata, use a pinata shaped like a horseshoe.

  • Horse Party Birthday Cake:

    This Horse Party Cake will thrill your guests!

    Party Favors:

  • Horseshoe
  • Stick Horse
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Small book about a horse or Horse Coloring Book

  • Kid Party Ideas

    Do you have a great kid party idea or game?

    Share your ideas and photos here, and they will be added to this site to help other moms & dads everywhere!

    You can leave comments and questions here too!

    Western Party Theme with Pony Rides

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