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I recently read about a movie theater in LA that was planning a series of adult slumber parties by having an all night movie marathon. They encouraged patrons to bring sleeping bags, then made s'mores and even served breakfast.

You could easily do the same thing by incorporating these slumber party ideas for adults!

Best Plans for Adult Slumber Parties

Pick some great old movies - perhaps some of the fun hits from when you were a teenager.

For example, the theater in the article held their slumber party during the summer. For one of the movies, they showed Matt Dillon's Little Darlings and other summer camp themed movies. (That is where the idea for s'mores came in - following the summer camp theme!)

Offer food to munch on throughout the evening, and a place for everyone to stretch out as they please.

Outdoor Movie Night

Adult party ideas such as having a camping theme sleepover are a great way to "relive your youth".

One really fun idea to resurface over the past few years is to show movies outdoors on a sheet, side of a building or on an outdoor screen. You can easily do this today with a DVD player and DVD projector, or by hooking up a projection device to your . If the weather outside is cooperating, this just adds some extra fun to a camping experience!

Just like at any other sleepover party, include lots of snacks and munchies. Popcorn is a must, and pizza is a good option too if you are serving dinner.

You might have some other activities available, reminiscent of an old-fashioned lock in. Board games and video games would be fun options.

Have a big place to play? Other fun games are:

What is a slumber party without truth or dare? You can brush up on questions and dares by visiting the Truth or Dare page on this site. 


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