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 Use our Wizard of Oz party ideas to plan your next party...over the rainbow!

Ask everyone to name their favorite movies. Wizard of Oz is on the top of everyone’s list. This party is sure to be a hit with your friends!

Wizard of Oz Party Invitations:

  • Anything with a rainbow!
  • Red paper cut out in the shape of a shoe, and covered with red glitter would be fun.

    Wizard of Oz Party Decorations:

  • Serve party food from witches cauldrons, beakers, etc.

  • Serve a party punch (preferably red) from a witches cauldron. Use dry ice if you can!

  • On the sidewalk leading to the house draw the outline of a yellow brick road with yellow sidewalk chalk

  • Make an rainbow arch of balloons

  • Hang a curtain of silk flowers in rainbow colors hanging in the doorway for guests to walk thru. (look in the Luau section of your party store)

  • Have a pair of witches legs coming out from under the house. Make by stuffing tights with tissue paper and then painting black rings around the tights (to look like the witch’s legs), add an old pair of red sparkly slippers.

  • Use the colors of the rainbow in your decorating (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)

  • Giant, colorful tissue paper flowers

  • Set up one area to look like a cornfield with haybales and add a scarecrow, You’ll also want a lion (a large stuffed animal or draw one on posterboard), and a tin man in your party area,

  • Make a Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece - Fill a square or round wicker basket with flowers. Cut two lengths of ribbon and attach each of the four ends to the basket. Place a helium filled balloon inside the centers of the two ribbons, taping them in place at the top of the balloon. You can also use this as a container for your party favor - fill the basket with candy or other treats.

  • Use a rainbow arch over your food table.

    Wizard of Oz Party Ideas for Music:

  • Fun Party Music from your favorite music era

  • Music from the Wizard of Oz soundtrack

  • Music from The Wiz soundtrack

  • Music from the Wicked soundtrack

    Favorite Wizard of Oz Party Games:

  • Ask your guests to come in costume as their favorite character. Award prizes for the best.

  • Make up your own Wizard of Oz Trivia Game

    Wizard of Oz Party Birthday Cake Ideas:

  • One thought for a Wizard of Oz party ideas cake is to make a rectangular cake covered in little flowers and a yellow brick road, with edible glitter on it. Place Wizard of Oz figurines on the road. At the end of the yellow brick road place a rainbow. Make the rainbow by making a cake in a round cake pan, cut it in half and standing on it’s side to be an arch. Decorate like a rainbow.

  • Make a cake that looks like a rainbow or make the inside of the cake a rainbow cake.

    Wizard of Oz Party Favor Ideas

  • Giant swirled lollipops!
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