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Seriously, a rainbow cake adds so much to the party!

Rainbows are universally a message of a promise, peace and fun. Including the colors of the rainbow in your party are a perfect way to set a festive mood!


Rainbow Cake Layers

Rainbow Cake Layers

a Photo by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kthread/ / CC BY 2.0


Isn't this cake fun? Many layers, to be sure, but each one is a different color of the rainbow. Use a white cake mix or recipe, and then add coloring to each layer.

I can't decide which one I'd want to eat first. Maybe blue....? It isn't often to have a food that is as appetizing as that cake!! :-)

Use this cake for a birthday party theme such as a My Little Pony, Care Bears or a Wizard of Oz party.

Rainbow Tie Dye Cake

Another great example of a cake with the rainbow inside! Made by layering different colors of cake batter into a pan.

To do this, make batter in several different colors, then layer in the pan or in the cupcake tin. Use a white cake mix. You'll need several drops of food color (10 or more) to achieve the bright color you'll be looking for.

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