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What types of teen parties to guys like to have?

Guys tend to have parties that are a lot easier to plan!


It is because guys often have a “destination” type party, where they gather a group of friends on a certain date and go do something fun together.

Teen Destination Parties for Guys

Popular destination party ideas for guys are playing paintball, playing laser tag, or riding go karts.

Is there a video arcade nearby? 

An arcade, especially one that has games such as pool tables and darts can be fun too.

You can create your own arcade by getting together several screens and gaming consoles in a room and playing as a group.

What about slot car racing?

If there is a slot car race track in your town, that can be a really popular spot!

Guys also like to go to the movies with a few friends, and food is always a plus!

Sporting events are big fun, but can be expensive. One way to keep costs down is to visit a sporting event for a minor league team or finding a sport that isn’t as expensive. Compare sports that are in season and the different teams. Sometimes you can get group packages that include discounted tickets along with special seating in a box, included food, merchandise, or even tours of the players area.

Teen Parties for Guys at Home

Gathering a group of guys to cookout is fun, and can include impromptu games of hackeysac, football, volleyball or basketball. 

Parties that are at home and include the girls are often along the lines of a classic teen party, where there is plenty of food, a sampling of activities like games, music, and maybe even dancing.

Guys shouldn’t rule out the fun theme party experience though. Popular themes for teen party ideas for guys include a Hawaiian or Luau Party Theme, and Sports Theme.

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