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The classic teen party...

You can never go wrong with this party idea! 

Why do we call this party "classic?"

It is because teen parties like this are timeless, easy and great whether it is for a teenage birthday party, or just for fun.

The party is centered around friends, old and new, getting together to have a good time!

You don't necessarily have to worry about a theme, just gather friends and plan a few activities for everyone to do. Add some food and...


You have a legendary teen party.

This ideas will make it really "classic!"

I've been to tons of these. They are always a lot of fun because everyone just enjoys being together and having a good time. 

Teen Party Decorations and Setup

  • Decorations aren't required, but they can still add to the party atmosphere. Something simple and inexpensive is to select a color scheme for the party and use balloons and streamers in those colors.

  • Have plenty of places to for your friends to "gather."Basically seating or standing areas. Seating areas don't have to involve chairs.

  • If you are going to gather to play games as a group that involves tables, don't worry about having the perfect tables at your party. You can use picnic tables, card tables and even just clear places on the floor to make space for everyone. 

  • Teen Party Games and Activities

  • For large teen parties, it is often great to have a selection of things for the guests to do as they wish. That way everyone can just have fun hanging out, doing activities they like to do. Here are some ideas:

  • Use what you have - a basketball goal, a trampoline or pool. (lots of pool games here.)

  • Set up badminton, volleyball, bocce, or croquet

  • Karaoke!

  • Set out classic teen party board games. Some favorites are Outburst, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary and Cranium.

  • If there will be dancing make sure you save enough room in your party area. Music should be easy - just play the songs you and your friends like to dance to, right? Chances are you've already downloaded a lot of them. If not, get busy and download some. Even if you aren't dancing it is nice to have some tunes playing in the background.

  • Read over our Teen Party Games to see if any will work for your event. It is always good to have a “back-up plan” in case you need more things to do!

  • Classic Teen Party Food

  • You'll need food and lots of it! You'll probably just wants lots of chips and dips, but some creative ideas are to
  • Set up a taco bar
  • Set up a sushi bar
  • Pizza!
  • Set up an Ice Cream Sundae station (another easy idea is to plan an Ice Cream Social)
  • Is this awesome party you are planning going to be a teenage birthday party? If so, here are some Birthday Cake Ideas

  • Tell us about your great teen party idea!

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