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A Teen Hollywood Party will have you and all your friends feeling like a star! It doesn't get much better than that!

The Hollywood Party theme is easily one of the top 3 teen party themes.

There is a good reason it is chosen for so many teen parties. Everyone loves movies and is familiar with them, and the chance to mimic them with glitz and glamour is fun.

Plus, who can resist the real-life drama of Hollywood? It is all just so tempting! Links to Amazon, Shindigz and PrintGamesNow, as well as links to other pages on this site, are included below.

Flowing Star Fabric Background

Hollywood Party Invitations

  • Print details on a ½ sheets of cardstock, cut into a star shape and decorate with glitter.
  • Create an invitation that looks like a movie ticket.
  • Create an invitation that looks like a movie poster.
  • Shop thru a huge assortment of Hollywood Invitations available at Amazon
  • One of our site visitors, Hannah in NYC, shared her idea for an invitation. She writes: I am having a Hollywood themed party for my 13th in April and I think my invite way is really original; I hope thats not too boastful! :) What I'm doing is buying cheap white (thats the color they come in) 35mm film canisters from eBay, writing my invites on small in width, long in length bits of paper, rolling them up and putting them in the canisters as invites. Obviously, I am gonna work my creativity on them by buying some cheap paint and painting the canisters black with those little white squares around the edges. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks for reading :D
  • What do you think of Hannah's teen Hollywood party idea?

    Hollywood Party Decorations

  • Use lots of Gold Stars in your decorations
  • Hollywood Scene Setters are a great way to transform your party space fast!
  • Use Movie Popcorn Buckets to hold chips, dips, etc.
  • Have a Red Carpet Runner for your guests to walk on as they enter. If you can't have anything else, this is a big one!
  • Hollywood Clapboards can be used in lots of ways.
  • Hollywood Cutouts are inexpensive and easily add some theme elements to your party room.
  • Hang up Movie Posters (check your local theater - they may give you some for free!)
  • Use Film Reel Decorations on your table and all around the room.
  • Another great decoration - Hollywood Sidewalk Stars
  • Make sign that says "VIP ENTRANCE" on the front door.
  • Pick a bold color scheme, such as red, black, gold and silver. Use these for balloons and streamers, and even the stars!
  • Make a big Hollywood sign.
  • Hang a curtain of Gold Foil Tinsel Fringe at a doorway for your friends to walk thru when they arrive. Cool!
  • There are lots of Hollywood Photo Backdrops that you can buy pretty cheaply, or make your own. But you will for sure want something for all the photos to be shared from your party!

    10 ft. Popcorn Arch

    Hollywood Party Food and Beverages

    Even though this is a teen Hollywood party, you can still serve the food that you would at any other party - whatever you and your friends love! Instead, use table decorations to make it fit the theme. Here are a few more ideas to "Hollywood it."

  • Drink beverages from decorated wine glasses.
  • Popcorn!
  • If having a seated dinner, use place cards and serve something that may be elegant, but enjoyed, such as Italian food.
  • Is this a teenage birthday party? Perhaps fun cake designs like a star shaped cake or a drama/theater cake might interest you as a birthday cake idea. Whatever you do, include lots of stars!

  • Teen Hollywood Party Games

    Here are some fun games for a teen Hollywood party. Read thru them all, and plan to use several so you'll have plenty to do at the party.

  • As guests arrive, take their pictures on the red carpet. If possible, have some screaming fans to try to get their autographs as they arrive and have several photographers (paparazzi) flashing their photos.
  • Have formal gowns for all the girls to wear – you can pick up some great finds at thrift stores!
  • Divide your guests into teams and hand them scripts of short scenes from favorite movies (print these out prior to the party so you’ll have them ready). Give them a few minutes to practice and then have them perform their scene. Afterwards, present awards. (Make sure you videotape this!)
  • Divide your guests into teams. Give them an assortment of props and costumes such as hats, fairy wands, swords, funny glasses, etc. Give the teams time to prepare a play and then have each team perform. (Make sure to film it!) Make it even funnier by requiring each team to incorporate a certain line or prop, etc. Afterwards, present awards.
  • Ask your guests to come to the party dressed as a famous celebrity or movie character. Award a prize, such as a basket filled with popcorn ready to pop and movie theater candy.
  • Site Visitor Stacie from Africa suggests "you could do a fashion show... just try on a bunch off different clothes...! So fun!"
  • Let each guest decorate a star on the ground (their Hollywood star)
  • Have a big budget? Have a limo pick up your guests.
  • Want another big budget idea? Rent out a theater auditorium and show your favorite movie – just for you and your friends! Supply plenty of popcorn and sodas and you’ll have a blast!
  • Purchase and play the Scene It Game
  • Purchase and print movie themed printable party games, like those found in this Oscar Party Games Pack

    Check out these games that are on our Teen Party Games list. They'll fit in great with a Teen Hollywood Party theme! Some top suggestions are the Celebrity Twenty Questions Game, Charades, Karaoke, a Talent Show, and the Who Am I? Game.  And perfect for delving into the lives of celebrities...the Truth is Stranger than Fiction Game.

    Teen Hollywood Party Favor Ideas

    These are some fun ideas to help your guests remember your teen Hollywood party long after the night is over!

    Depending on your budget, some of these make great favors, and others will make great prizes for costume contests or games.

  • Pour plaster of paris in square containers and let each guest make an imprint of one of their hands. At the top, have them use a pencil (or other similar object) to sign their name. Just like at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood!
  • Photographs of each guest entering the party.
  • Autograph Books
  • Bubbles in champagne bottles favors
  • "Oscar" statue trophies - GREAT to use if you are going to be giving out awards, such as a best costume award.
  • Speaking of candy...what about movie theater candy?

  • Tell us about your great teen party idea!

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