Indian Theme Party

(Kaps Township, Anumala , Gujrat, India)

Ever thought of visiting India? The most cultured place. Now u can at your home


Take a print of Taj Mahel and write the invitation.


Put cut outs of dressed up Indian elephants at entrance. Put a map of India with Happy birthday ( name) on it.


Try giving it in plates and ask kids to eat it with hand. Put Indian dishes like Jalebi,Gulab jamun, Rasogulla etc.


Play pin the title

Take print of any bollywood movie poster and it's title separately. Ask guests to pin it at correct place.

Who's the cultured one ?

In a paper write some cultures of India and give them to guest. Ask them to memorize it. After some time give them blank sheets and ask them to write the cultures of India.

At last you can do awards distribution based on different cultured person.

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