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Wanna be a real star? You'll be needing a rock star cake!

Rock Star Cake

To make this cake...

  • Bake your favorite cake in a star shaped cake pan.
  • Make the cake two layers high, so you'll have room to write on the sides of the cake.
  • Frost in your favorite rock star color.
  • Write your Happy Birthday message on one side of the cake (our example says "Elizabeth is 8").
  • On other sides of the cake write "Rock Star", draw music notes, etc.
  • Cover in edible glitter, and insert picks of stars.
  • Voila! A cake any rock star would be proud to have! Now you are ready to Party Like A Rock Star!
  • Other cakes that could be used at a rock star party could be a music cake or a guitar cake.
  • Click here for Rock Star Party Ideas to go with this rock star cake.

    ~Shared by my good friend Elaine
  • Cake Pans 

    The easiest way to make this cake is with a Wilton Star-Shaped Cake Pan

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