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We had no problem deciding on a Littlest Pet Shop party theme one year, because we love Littlest Pet Shop (Amazon) at our house! 

We have a huge collection of the cute little toys and they get played with a lot. Ditto for all of our friends.

Naturally, with so many people in love with Littlest Pet Shop, we knew at some point a Littlest Pet Shop party was on the list of must have parties.

The great thing about this party is that it can be adapted for other animal party themes, including Webkinz, stuffed animals, a zoo party, etc.

Let's get started with some fun kid party ideas!

Littlest Pet Shop Party Ice Breaker Activities

  • Decorate Wedding Favor Boxes with markers and stickers so that they look like shopping bags to be personal LPS carriers.
  • You can also do a coloring activity using pages out of a LPS coloring book.
Birthday Party Craft

Animal Games

For your Littlest Pet Shop party, play games with an animal twist...such as...

  • Story time - Tell a Story about Littlest Pet Shop or a Littlest Pet Shop party – Let the birthday child start the story, then we go around in a circle and let each child add to it. Duck, Duck Goose
  • Musical Lily Pads – Place numbered lily pads on the floor. Play music while players hop from pad to pad. Person whose number is called gets to work the DVD player and draw/call the next number. (Supplies needed: music player, numbered lily pads, numbers written on slips of paper that can be drawn from).
  • Kitten Relay Race – push a ball of yarn across the finish line with your nose.
  • Egg & Spoon Relay Game 
  • Freeze Dance for a Littlest Pet Shop Party – gallop like a horse, jump like a frog, hop like a bunny, fly like a butterfly, swim like a fish, run around like a monkey, etc. (Supplies needed- music player)
  • Limbo – Do the limbo while pretending you are a dog crawling under a fence (like a puppy). Instead of a limbo stick, cut out a picket fence shape from white posterboard.
  • Pick teams by having players draw slips of paper that say either: bird, dog, cat, mouse, butterfly. Everyone spreads out. On “Go” everyone starts acting like their animal and try to find the others on their team. Once all team members are found, they get a headband decorated with ears to match their animal..
  • Monster, Monster, Are you Hungry? (Hope the monster doesn't catch any of the cute little animals!

  • Animal Themed Treasure Hunt

    When planning this Littlest Pet Shop party, it was for a golden birthday. So, to celebrate, we hid a golden treasure for everyone to share!!

    To play, divide everyone into teams and have them do a team treasure hunt where they complete different tasks.

    Start each team at a different task, so there isn't a bottleneck of everyone trying to do the same thing at the same time. Adult helpers in charge of each task should be aware of what is going on at the other tasks so they can hold a group before sending them on if needed to keep everything going really smoothly!

    When each team has completed their 5 tasks, give them a special Little Pet Shop Clue that has one word written on it - when the 5 words are put together, they should tell where the golden treasure (or whatever treasure you choose) is hidden. If not gold coins, how about a pinata, party favors or the cake?

    1st task: Feed the Fish - Let each player on the team take a turn throwing the bean bags into a drawing of a fish (make a hole for the fish’s mouth.)

    Afterwards, give them this clue: I’m hiding in a box by the biggest tree. One day I’ll be a beautiful butterfly, just wait and see. Who am I? The answer is a caterpillar. Send them to a spot under a big tree in the yard.

    2nd Task: Caterpillar Search - Let the players feel inside a box of shredded paper for caterpillars. Caterpillars can be made out of pompoms that have been hot glued together along with googly eyes. Bury them in a box of shredded paper.

    Afterwards, give them this clue: I only do what I want to do…I’m independent, fluffy, and say Meow too. Who am I? The answer is a cat. Send them to a spot in the yard for the "Herding Cats" game.

    3rd Task: Herding Cats - Put Balloons on the ground and they have to move them, with their feet, to an area without popping. If one pops, they have to start over. Have extra balloons. If their second balloon pops, then their turn is over. Once everyone has either successfully “ herded their cat” to the right place, or has accidentally popped two balloons….

    Afterwards, give them this clue: Mary rode on me to Bethlehem and I saw “hee-haw” the whole way! You’ll find me behind a _____. I’m hiding here because I lost my tail!! I hope you can pin my tail back on me. Who am I? The answer is a Donkey. Send them to the spot you've picked for this next game.

    4th Task: Pin the Tail on the Donkey - After each girl has had a turn playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey…read them this clue: I fly, I sing, and I lay eggs. What am I? The answer is a bird. Send them to the spot you've selected in the yard for the pop the egg game.

    5th Task: Pop the Eggs - Give each player a balloon. Have her pop it in any way she wishes. After each player on the team has popped their balloon, give them this clue - You’ll find me near the pretty lake – feed me, but don’t feed me cake! I live in the lake, blow bubbles, and my friends live in an aquarium. What am I?

    The answer is a fish. Send them to the bean bag toss (task #1)

    More Kid Party Games

    I always like to plan more games than needed, just in case. Here are some more that would work for an animal or Littlest Pet Shop party...

  • Bone Bone, Who’s Got the Bone - use a small bone cut out of cardboard.
  • Simon Says
  • Parachute
  • Follow the Leader
  • Animal Charades
  • Tug of War
  • Cat Tail Game – Tie a string around a balloon and around a person’s waist. On go, they try to pop each other’s balloon without getting their own popped.

  • Littlest Pet Shop Cake

    Make your own cake and use some of your favorite Littlest Pet Shop toys as decorations on the top. Perfect for a Littlest Pet Shop party!

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