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Plan a Ladybug Party for your kid birthday party! Here are some easy party ideas and games...

Lady Bug Invitations

Make a lady bug invitation so that the lady bug wings will open to reveal the party details! To make, cut out two circles of red paper. Write the invitation details on one. Take the second red circle, cut in half (to make wings) and brad down to the one with the invitation details. Cover the red wings with black construction paper dots.

Ladybug Party Decorations

  • Red and Black!! Balloons and streamers galore! (you may even be able to find red balloons with black spots!)
  • Make your own red and black spotted balloons by using a Sharpie to draw black spots on red balloons (Thanks to my friend Christy for that idea!)
  • Make ladybugs out of construction paper to post all over your party site – whether outdoors or indoors. Just make a circle out of red construction paper, and glue smaller black dots on top. Make a small black head for the lady-bug’s head.

  • Kids Party Ideas

  • Just for fun, add these activities to the beginning of your party while you are waiting for everyone to arrive:
  • Ladybug coloring sheets
  • Decorate ladybugs made out of construction paper (see above in “decorations”).
  • Make this cute ladybug craft!

  • Ladybug Craft

    Ladybug Dress-up Costumes

    Little girls love to dress up!

  • Facepainting - paint ladybugs on the guest's cheeks.
  • Ladybug antennae - Make before the party by hot glueing (or twisting) black or red chenille pipe cleaners onto a head band and glueing a sparkly pompom on top.
  • Ladybug Capes - Make before the party by cutting red fabric (either felt or a fabric that won't fray) for capes, sewing on a black ribbon to tie around their shoulders, and covering in black fabric dots (you can use fabric glue - easy!). It's really cute to add a band of black rick-rack around the edge of the cape if within your budget!

  • Lady Bug Party Ideas and Games

    Fun Ladybug Party Games

    These easy kid party games will be a hit at your next childrens birthday party!

  • Balloon Game
  • - Before the party blow up lots of red and black balloons. Pass them out and let the kids try to keep them in the air without hitting the ground. Kids love this game! Have extras for those that pop. No winner…just fun playing with the balloons. Afterwards, let the kids try to pop them by stomping on them or sitting on them, or recollect in large trash bags.

  • Crazy Catch:
  • - Make lady bug bean bags (red bean bags, with black fabric or felt spots glued on) or purchase from Divide kids into pairs and have them play catch with the bean bags. For older kids…don’t let them use their hands. Have them catch with a net, hat, bowl…whatever you choose!

  • Hot Ladybug (Hot Potato):
  • - Gather players in a circle and pass a lady bug bean bag around. When the music stops, whoever is holding the bean bag gets to work the music source for the next turn.

  • Musical Spots:
  • - You’ll need a dice for this game, and six “spots”. Make the spots by using large pieces of black posterboard – one for each spot – and clearly numbering as #1, #2, etc. While the music plays, have players run around the party area. When the music stops, the players run to a “spot”. Roll the dice, and the corresponding numbered spot will need to do some action…such as 10 jumping jacks, running in place for 10 seconds, etc.

  • Lady, Lady, Bug!:
  • - Have children sit on the ground in a circle. One child is “It”. "It" goes around the outside of the circle, patting each child on the head and saying “Lady” for each child. “It” will say “Lady” over and over until unexpectantly saying “Bug!” when giving a pat. The “Bug” must then hop up and run around the circle while chasing “It”. If "It" makes his way back to the Bug's seat before being tagged, he is safe, and the Bug becomes "It". If not, “It” remains "It" for another round.

  • Ladybug, Ladybug, who’s got the ladybug? :
  • - You’ll need a ladybug button. Select one player to be “It”. “It” hides his eyes as the button is given to a child to hide in his hands behind his back. All other players put their hands behind their back as well. “It” uncovers his eyes and then has three chances to guess which child has the object.

  • Ladybug Spoon Race:
  • - For this relay you’ll need a lady bug button and a spoon for each team. Divide the kids into two teams and have each team form a line. Have a member of each team race to a certain point, holding the ladybug button in the spoon, and then return so that the next team member has a turn. Variation: Give each child a spoon and button and have a race. You could also use a ping pong ball, decorated to look like a ladybug!

  • Ladybug Pinata! (here is how to make your own pinata - it's easy!)

  • Little ones coming to your party? Visit our page of games for young children for games and activities for your youngest players!

  • Ladybug Cakes and Favors

    Ladybug Cake

    Visit our ladybug party cake page with the cutest ladybug cake and ladybug cupcakes you ever saw!

  • My friend Christy did a ladybug party, and she gave jars of Live Ladybugs to take home and release. She decorated baby food jars...poked holes in the lid, painted the lid red, tied black & red polka dot ribbons around it and wrote the guest's name on their jar with a red paint pen. She put a few ivy leaves inside with the ladybugs. (Ladybugs can be purchased online or at a garden center.) Cute idea!
  • Ladybug stickers
  • Ladybug bean bags
  • Anything related to Ladybugs!

  • Kid Party Ideas

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