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eA dog party can be for a dog, or for a child!

Fun kid party ideas often revolve around animals. So an animal party, specifically a dog party would be great fun!

You can also add other animal party ideas to the birthday celebration, such as cat party ideas.

Here are a few cute ideas to get you started on your puppy party!

  • Party invitation ideas include dog bone shaped invitations, dog collar tag shaped invitations, or covering a plain invitation with "dog print" stamps
  • Give every head bands that look like dog ears - hot glue dog ear shapes to the head band before the party.
  • Darken everyone's nose to look like a dog's nose.
  • dog

    Favorite Dog Party Games

  • Set up a large appliance cardboard box as a dog house for the kids to crawl in and out of.
  • Crazy Catch - Dogs love to play catch. So will your party guests!
  • Duck Duck Goose - Play this popular game as "Puppy, Puppy, Dog!"
  • Dog and Cat Game - Form a circle with everyone holding hands. Have one person be the mouse (who will be inside the circle) and one player be the dog (who is outside the circle). The dog then tries to catch the cat. The players making the circle can let the cat in and out of the circle to try to avoid the cat. If the cat is caught, they become the dog and a new mouse is chosen.
  • Hunts! - How about hunting for dog bones - you can use real ones or cut some out of cardboard.
  • Fun Leader Games are perfect for "dogs" who are well trained. Some fun ones might include follow the leader, red rover, simon says and tug of war!
  • Obstacle Course - I love watching the Frisbee dogs at our state fair each year. They also do fun tricks and run thru an obstacle course. Set up one of your own for your "puppies!">
  • Pin the Tail on the Puppy! - Can't forget this one!
  • Make dog puppets.
  • Collect or make items for an animal shelter.
  • Special for the youngest guests - Sing songs such as Bingo, The Wheels on the Bus, and more. Need more games for young children...? Pick any activity that your child loves to do. Chances are, their friends will love it too!!

  • Dog Theme Party Ideas and Games

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