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This Ladybug Cake and these Lady Bug Cupcakes were made for a sweet little girl's birthday party.

Lady Bug Cake

Ladybug Cupcakes

The cake consists of two round cake layers. The first is iced in chocolate, and the top layer (split down the middle for wings) is iced in red. In the photo, Junior Mints were used for the spots, gumdrops were used for the eyes, and licorice was used for the antennae and smile.

The cupcakes are iced in red and chocolate, and are decorated with colorful mini M&M's. I think the colors make them even cuter, don't you? Use a thin mint or grasshopper cookie for the head. Stick eyes to the head with a bit of chocolate frosting.

The great thing about a ladybug party is that everyone loves ladybugs! So this theme works for young and old.

Another food coloring paste added to white frosting makes a better red than the liquid food coloring. (It's more of a true red than a pink.)

If you are planning to serve this cake at a party, visit our Ladybug Party page, for lots of ideas for this cute kids birthday party!

And don't wait for an event...serve these during the spring or summer ... anytime you want to surprise your family or guests with something fun!

~Cake and instructions submitted by my friend Christy

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Another cute fun cake designs for a ladybug! This cute design uses candy for the decorations.

Now, if ladybugs aren't your thing, and you're looking for something a big more creepy and crawly, check out a bug cake.

Ladybug Cake Pans

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