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Everyone loves a Hollywood party!

What a fun dress-up theme party! You can do this party as a dinner party, cocktail party, or as part of an Oscar watching party!

It is a great opportunity to highlight an adult birthday party by making the birthday guy or girl the "star!"

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Hollywood Clapboard

Hollywood Party Theme Invitations

  • Print details on a ½ sheets of cardstock, cut into a star shape and decorate with glitter.
  • Create an invitation that looks like a movie ticket.
  • Create an invitation that looks like a movie poster.
  • Use a basic, very elegant invitation, something that would go out for the Oscars.
  • Shop thru a huge assortment of Hollywood Invitations available.

  • Hollywood Decorations

  • A Red Carpet Runner is a must!
  • Incorporate Gold Stars into your decorations
  • Hollywood Scene Setters are a great way to transform your party space fast!
  • Use Movie Popcorn Buckets to hold chips, dips, etc.
  • Own a Movie Director Chair? Time to get it out to use as seating at the party.
  • Hollywood Clapboards can be used as signs for food, as decorations, or scattered around the room. Hollywood Cutouts
  • Hang up Movie Posters (you may be able to get some from free at your local theater)
  • Use Film Reel Decorations in your centerpieces
  • Another great decoration - Hollywood Sidewalk Stars

    Fun Party Music

    Playing your favorite party music always works!

    Add to the movie theme by playing music from your favorite movies.

    Eat like a Star

  • Champagne!
  • Popcorn
  • If serving a seated dinner, make it elegant and fancy!
  • All the world is a stage with a drama theme cake
  • If you stick with a "star" theme, using a star shaped cake is perfect

  • Hollywood Party Games

  • As guests arrive, take their pictures on the red carpet. If possible, have some screaming fans to try to get their autographs as they arrive and have several photographers (paparazzi) flashing their photos.

  • Ask your guests to come to the party dressed as a famous celebrity or movie character and award prizes (Oscar statue trophies would be perfect!)

  • Check out these games that are on our Adult Party Games List. These will especially fit in great with the Hollywood theme!
  • Celebrity 20 Questions - like 20 questions, but takes it to a "celebrity" level
  • Charades - always fun! Do you know how to play?
  • Fast Charades - even more fun - let's make it fast and frenzied!
  • Who Am I? - Another fun celebrity game
  • Truth is Stranger than Fiction Game - focused on the tabloids, this is focused on trying to figure out which headline is real!
  • The Oscar Party Games Pack available from PrintGamesNow is full of games that you can purchase online and print as many copies as you need at home. It doesn't get any easier than that!

    Oscar Party Games Pack

    Hollywood Theme Party Favors

  • Photographs of each guest entering the party.
  • Tabloids that feature Hollywood stars.
  • Bubbles in champagne bottles favors
  • "Oscar" statue trophies - GREAT to use if you are going to be giving out awards, such as a best costume award.

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