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Everyone is up for 50th Birthday Celebrations!

Whether or not you've had adult birthday parties up until now, a 50th birthday party is often cause for celebration!

50 of anything is something of a magical number.

Think of 50th wedding anniversaries, 50th class reunions...50 is just such a nice round number.

It makes sense that people want to celebrate 50 as a milestone birthday. Plus, they are ready to do it in a really big way with memorable adult birthday parties.

Easy 50th Birthday Celebration Ideas

Some of the most popular ideas for 50th Birthday Celebrations are:

  • Have a party at home for friends and family. Pick a great adult party theme and you are all set!

  • One fun theme would be to do a 50's party (or pick your favorite decade!). 50's parties are one of the most popular party themes. They bring back a time of nostalgia. Whether or not your were alive in the 1950's, you can probably appreciate either the music or the culture made popular in t.v. shows like Happy Days or movies like Grease.

  • Another fun idea for a 50th birthday party theme is to do a Hawaii 5-0 party. With this 50th birthday party theme you can use lots of Hawaiian luau party ideas. This is also a fun idea because you can have fun making a lot of homemade party decorations so the party doesn't have to be as expensive to decorate.

  • You can also have a party at a private club or other facility. You can rent out a ballroom and have fun dancing the night away! For easy decorations, add lots of balloons, like at Jimmy's 50th birthday party.

  • Want to keep it simple? Then celebrate your 50th birthday with a dinner at a restaurant or at home including your favorite friends! Propose a birthday toast, or read a funny 50th birthday poem.
  • 50th Birthday Party Games Pack

  • Other top birthday celebration ideas include going on a fun outing or destination, such as going bowling, to the movies or even places like Medieval Times!

  • Some folks like to take a special trip for their adult birthday parties - just you and a friend, or with a group!

  • While this isn't technically a "golden birthday", you can always use a theme of gold for your 50th birthday celebrations.

  • An easy party activity for any party is to purchase and print inexpensive Printable Birthday Games.

  • Don't forget a 50th birthday cake at your 50th birthday celebrations!

  • For more 50th Birthday party ideas, visit 50th Birthday Party Ideas.com.

  • After your party, come back to this site and create your very own party page. Share the details of your party (you can even add photos)! We'll add them to the site and you'll be helping others by sharing all your great ideas!

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