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Need to make an adult birthday display at a party? I wanted to share it a couple of examples with you visually so you can make decisions about what to do for your own birthday celebration ideas!

Recently, our friend Jimmy celebrated his 50th birthday.

Pamela (Jimmy's wife) threw him a great 50th Birthday party, complete with a buffet, dancing, and a DJ!

She also created a really nice display at the entrance of the party...

Adult Birthday Display

On the table, Pamela included:

  • framed photographs of significant life events
  • a photo album, showing Jimmy's life from birth to present
  • a guest book, so guests could record their wishes for Jimmy. Several folks wrote some pretty silly stuff such as a funny 50th birthday poem and 50th birthday jokes. This will be a great memento of the 50th birthday celebrations.

  • Graduation Party Display

    Display showing interests and hobbies

    This display is from a high school graduation party. Scattered around the home were smaller displays, each focusing on a different area of interest. In this example, it focused on her hobbies/interests. She enjoyed ballet, road trips, the beach, and the school symbol was the Fleur de Lis. Tiffany Blue was her favorite color, used in the flower arrangement holder. Ideas that you might want to include in displays could be:

    • items related to a hobby
    • items related to occupation
    • items related to future dreams
    • items related to interests
    • items related to awards/recognition

    Fun Additions to your Adult Birthday Display

    Adult Birthday Table Display Ideas

    Use these ideas to add a little extra fun to your party:

    Social Media

    Create a hashtag or filter for the party, or a find a way for everyone there to share their photos, that way you'll end up with some great shots, but they are all from the unique viewpoints of each person who is taking them. A great way to make special adult birthday parties even better!

    Memory Book Ideas

    Need another fun idea?

    Another alternative is to ask each guest to send you ahead of time a story about the person. It can be any sort of remembrance, funny or not. If you bind these into a scrapbook you can have a great collection of memories that is really treasured. By having the thoughts submitted ahead of time, you can put it together to be one of the items included in your adult birthday display.

    I have done this twice, once for my in-law's golden 50th anniversary party, and also for my own father's 70th birthday party.

    Sometimes the contributions are just a sentence or two, something like "I remember when you were a little boy, you were great at playing marbles." But they are all special and a gift like this is priceless.You could use these birthday ideas with any adult party.

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  • Happy 50th Birthday Jimmy! Great job Pamela!

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