A Funny 50th Birthday

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I was at a 50th birthday party the other night and a funny fiftieth birthday poem was read. It is actually a limerick, which I love!

I know that folks are often looking for funny birthday rhymes, toasts, poems, etc. to read at an adult birthday party, so I thought I'd share this with you in case anyone should want to use it!

My friend has just turned fifty.
You might say it's rather nifty!
He can't see, hear or know what to do
Losing his teeth, food he can't chew
Actually, he'll probably be dead in a jiffy!

Ok, well, maybe you had to be there.

But this is a great example of if you say something a bit clever, humorous, or simply heartfelt, it can go over in a big way.

For hints on writing your own rhymes or poems, visit Funny Birthday Rhymes.

If you are doing a toast at a 50th birthday celebration, don't limit yourself to a poem. Instead adult parties will appreciate funny birthday phrases or quotes. (You can also use these on your adult birthday invitations!

By the way...

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