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Lots and lots of kids, both boys and girls alike love trains. A train party, can be the perfect party idea!

Read on for fun ideas to use with your party:

Train Party Invitations & Decorations

Invitations can be store-bought, or you can make your own invitations out of cardstock. If making your own, you can use paper cut into the shape of a train engine, use a photograph of your child riding a train, or even create a "train ticket" for a good time!

For decorations, bold, primary colors work great. Lots of balloons will immediately make your party space more festive. Reds, Blues, Yellows and Green - focus on these bright, happy colors.

Train Party Games and Activities

Train Party Ideas and Games
  • Decorate large appliance boxes to look like different parts of a train, then set them up and let the kids play inside.
  • As an ice breaker, have train puzzles available to work.
  • If your child loves Thomas the Train, have a Thomas the Train birthday party - use Thomas decorations, and you can even place some of your train figures on a cake.
  • Set out a train set for the kids to play with. 
  • Hire a train to come to your party to take kids on a ride around your neighborhood.
  • Hit a train theme pinata.
  • Use a  train cake pan or visit our train party cake gallery for more ideas.
  • Line up the kids for a follow the leader game with everyone following the head train engine.
  • Have a bean bag toss by pretending black bean bags are lumps of coal to toss into the engine fire box. It is easy to make your own bean bags, and the kids can have fun playing this one over and over.
  • Train whistles, conductor caps, and Thomas the Train items make great birthday party favors. Check out our party supplies page on this website for lots of options on where to purchase and discounts available.
  • Play musical spots, with each spot being a different part of a train, or if a Thomas party, a different train character.
  • There are lots More Kids Party Games to pick from that can be adapted to any party theme!

  • Train Party Favors

    These party favors will be perfect for your party!

  • Train Sticker Books
  • Train Whistles
  • Train Engineer Hats
  • Bandanas
  • Thomas the Train Party Favors

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