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A car party birthday theme is always a great idea!

I know there are lots of kids in our neighborhood who love the Cars Movie (Amazon Link), Nascar, or cars in general! Here are some party ideas, games and activities that can fit any of these car related themes and will guarantee a good time for the whole crew! And party favors for this child birthday party ideas are so easy!! Small toy cars - and the kids will love them!

Easy Party Invitations

  • Send a small Hot Wheels type car with your invitation (mail in a small box or mailing tube).
  • Create an invitation that looks like a tire or a car.
  • Tell your guests to "race on over" for a party!

  • Car Party Decorations

  • Use colors such as white and black (like a checkered flag), and have fun mixing in other colors.
  • Hang up posters of cars (if strickly a car theme party). You can get some from brochures from different car manufacturers. For a Nascar race car party, use posters of favorite race car drivers.
  • You can use Race Car Birthday Partyware, or you can pick your favorite color.

  • Ice Breaker/Arrival Activities

  • Before the party, find a large appliance box and cut it out in the shape of a car. Let the kids color it when they arrive.
  • Have stickers to put on small toy cars.
  • Design your own race car logo.
  • If playing any games on teams, divide into car colors - red, yellow, white, or call the teams by different pit crew names.
  • Furnish the kids a pinewood derby car (already assembled) and let them paint it or cover it in stickers (you can then race them as a party activity).
  • Have lots of toy cars out on the floor, with a map drawn on paper on the floor (or use one of those rugs that looks like a city) and let everyone play!

  • Fun Theme Car Party Games

  • Red Light, Green Light - this classic game is always fun.
  • Musical Spots - sort of a grand scale musical chairs, with a few spots to run to instead of chairs.
  • Obstacle Course - just like in a video game, have "driver" race around a course, avoiding obstacles.
  • Balloon Pop Relays and Races - set up some races for your "drivers"
  • Car Derby - Provide cars and set up some Hot Wheels tracks or long boards at a slant, and let the children race their cars.
  • Use toys to let the kids race. One fun idea is to play with Balloon Racers
  • Especially young children will enjoy these games just for them.
  • More kids party games - our list is one of the most complete lists you'll find for fun, easy and classic kid party games.

  • Car Birthday Cake Ideas:

  • Make a cake in a figure 8 shape, and cover with chocolate cookie crumbs (oreos work great) to look like a road. Include a lane stripe down the center, and decorate with some favorite small toy cars.
  • Make a rectangular cake and place some small toy cars on top.
  • Make your cake into a racetrack cake!

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