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A car party birthday theme is always a great idea!

I know there are lots of kids in our neighborhood who love the Cars Movie , Nascar, or cars in general! Here are some party ideas, games and activities that can fit any of these car related themes and will guarantee a good time for the whole crew! And party favors for this child birthday party ideas are so easy!! Small toy cars - and the kids will love them!
Car Party Ideas and Games

Easy Party Invitations

  • Send a small Hot Wheels type toy car with your invitation (mail in a small box or mailing tube).
  • Create an invitation that looks like a tire or a car.
  • Tell your guests to "race on over" for a party!
  • Shop for car theme invitations

  • Car Party Decorations

  • Use colors such as white and black (like a checkered flag), and have fun mixing in other colors.
  • Set up some bright orange traffic cones.
  • Hang up posters of cars (if strictly a car theme party). You can get some from brochures from different car manufacturers. For a Nascar race car party, use posters of favorite race car drivers.
  • You can use Race Car Partyware, or you can pick your favorite color.

  • Ice Breaker/Arrival Activities

  • Before the party, find a large appliance box and cut it out in the shape of a car. Let the kids color it when they arrive.
  • Have stickers to put on small toy cars.
  • Design your own race car logo.
  • If playing any games on teams, divide into car colors - red, yellow, white, or call the teams by different pit crew names.
  • Furnish the kids a pinewood derby car (already assembled) and let them paint it or cover it in stickers (you can then race them as a party activity).
  • Have lots of toy cars out on the floor, with a map drawn on paper on the floor (or use one of those rugs that looks like a city) and let everyone play!

  • Fun Theme Car Party Games

  • Red Light, Green Light - this classic game is always fun.
  • Musical Spots - sort of a grand scale musical chairs, with a few spots to run to instead of chairs.
  • Obstacle Course - just like in a video game, have "driver" race around a course, avoiding obstacles.
  • Balloon Pop Relays and Races - set up some races for your "drivers"
  • Car Derby - Provide cars and set up some Hot Wheels tracks or long boards at a slant, and let the children race their cars.
  • Use toys to let the kids race. One fun idea is to play with Balloon Racers
  • Especially young children will enjoy these games just for them.
  • More kids party games - our list is one of the most complete lists you'll find for fun, easy and classic kid party games.

  • Car Birthday Cake Ideas:

  • Make a cake in a figure 8 shape, and cover with chocolate cookie crumbs (oreos work great) to look like a road. Include a lane stripe down the center, and decorate with some favorite small toy cars.
  • Make a rectangular cake and place some small toy cars on top.
  • Make your cake into a racetrack cake!

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