Train Ride Party

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We attended a really fun train party in our neighborhood, so I wanted to tell everyone about it. It was a pretty large event, and it went off easily. Best of all, everyone had a lot of fun!

Here are the details that might help inspire you as you plan a train theme party...

Let's go on a Train Ride!

The family had actually rented a small choo choo train (pulled by a tractor) that could travel on the streets of our neighborhood.

All the kids were invited.

Throughout the party kids took turns riding on the train. Over and over - they never grew tired of it!

This was also successful because a wide range of ages of children were invited. The train made everyone happy!

For kids who were taking a break from the train or waiting for another turn, a fun multiplayer game was set up. A baby pool was filled with water, and several magnetic fish were placed inside, floating in the water. There were several toy fishing rods available, complete with magnets for hooks, so the kids could catch fish, throw them back in and catch some more.

Kids Party Food

At this childrens birthday party, they also had lots of kids party food. What makes a kid happy? Hot dogs, cake and juice! Add a train cake and you are all set!

Party Favors

Because there was such a wide range of ages, the kids birthday party favors were very personalized. The birthday boy's mom had fun picking out a favor for each individual guest. No two favors were the same. Everyone felt special and their favor was very age appropriate.

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