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by Icy R

Win or lose with X's or O's

Win or lose with X's or O's

My favorite party game is like the game "Off Limits". But instead of a word, I use a visual. Maybe a wave, or a high five, or a toothy smile. Something they cannot do the entire party. If they do end up doing this, then the person who caught them gets to make them do something embarrassing. Maybe the chicken dance or scream "I eat bugs!" At the top of their lungs. When the person caught is finished with their punishment, they then have to get an X drawn on their thumb. If the person gets to 10 X's then that person is out. The person who caught them gets a circle drawn on their thumb. Try to be the last person standing! Then try to be the one with the most points. At the end of the party, everyone sticks their hands up and the host chooses the winner. If it is more than one, than those people have to describe their favorite memory. A lot of times when people describe this they do hand visuals. If all of them go out, the person that went out last wins.
All you need is a marker.

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