Flag Games

by Zane G.
(DeKalb Junction, NY)

1. Flag Football- the defensive team has to remove a flag from a ball carrier. Played like normal football game.

2. Relayball- this game is one on one same rules as flag football but two hand touch the opponent for downs there are four downs in a play

3. Phasketboot- A mix between basketball, ultimate, and football you got to play to 11 win by 2.

4. Ultimate Flag Netball- a forward, fullback, and a goalie play on a basketball court, with lacrosse goals nets on each side of the field. The player has to throw the ball at the goals with flags on their waists. You call your own fouls. This game can be played on the beach, front yards, and on basketball courts. The rule of the out of bounds is one foot in bounds that has to touch the line.

5. American Tag Ball- If someone is frozen you can only advance by throwing the ball where you started from. A tag is an out, kind of like freeze tag. You must take 1 lap around the cones to score, if you can't score it becomes a dead ball. You can take shots during the 1 lap. The game can be played one on one. Equipment Required: A small Basketball and three cones for an oval shaped track

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