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May Day falls on May 1 each year. Why not celebrate with a May Day Party?

The earliest May Day celebrations can be traced to the festival of Flora, who was the Roman Goddess of flowers. It is celebrated as the beginning of spring, and is a bank holiday in some countries.

In Hawaii, it is known as lei day! So, don a lei if you wish for this spring party!

Starting in the 1700's, many Roman Catholics observe May Day with devotions to the Virgin Mary, and the feast day of St. Joseph the Worker (Mary's husband) is celebrated on this day. 

In many countries, a popular tradition is dancing around a maypole and crowning the Queen of May. What is a Maypole? It is a tall wooden pole with garland hung from them. The earliest reference of a Maypole in England comes from the 1300's. 

When celebrating May Day, the most important thing is... Flowers Flowers Flowers!! A flower party is a must. Time to really celebrate spring and all of the beautiful nature blooming in spring. 

Some ideas for making your May Day Celebration special:

  • Make flower crowns
  • Dance around a maypole - erect a tall pole in the hard, and hang garland or colored ribbons from it
  • Croquet. The perfect outdoor game for spring and summer! Get a croquet set here
  • Focus on a favorite flower, such as a Daisy like at this Daisy themed party

Daisy Party Decorations

More May Day Party Ideas

  • Create a May Day Basket and leave it for a friend - it would be a lovely surprise to find on their porch! 
  • Have fun creating a special garden home for a garden fairy! Here are some ideas on how to create a fairy house in your garden! 
  • Make door knob baskets, filled with flowers
  • Make your party a flower filled brunch
  • Decorate cookies to look like flowers
  • Kids (and adults) love to dance with ribbons. It is fun to try to make them whirl and twirl around you! Pick up a colorful set and see what you can do! 

  • Make plantable paper (or use plantable paper for your invitations) 
  • Make flowers out of tissue paper
  • Hit a flower shaped pinata - it's easy with our guide on how to make your own pinata
  • Make flowers out of colorful pipe cleaners
  • Flower food! - Cake is always a great option, and cupcakes make an easy to serve flower cupcake cake

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